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Gold Loan Value: Exploring Factors Beyond Gold Weight

Gold loan value

For us Indians, gold is not just a valuable metal but a representation of our culture and traditional values. The recent few years have proved that it’s more than that.  Earlier generations used to sell their gold assets in times of need, but now we are utilizing this without selling. Gold loans are a great option for everyone looking for instant funds for any need. But the most important factor is the gold loan value, you get against the pledged asset.

Most of us are not well aware of it and how it is important. I know many people, who are influenced by the TV or YouTube ads to choose a gold loan provider.  But there are many factors of a gold loan you should check before getting a deal. 

The agenda for writing this blog is to spread awareness about the importance of the gold loan value.

What is Gold Loan Value? 

A gold loan value is the loan amount you get against the pledged asset. According to the RBI policies, one gets a maximum of 75% of the gold value. However many lenders only offer 60-70% of LTV for a loan against gold. Finding out the value of gold is crucial as it directly impacts the terms and feasibility of the loan.

Beyond gold weight, many other different factors also affect gold loan value such as gold purity, market conditions, gold per gram rates, and lender policies.  Let’s understand how lenders come up with a reasonable loan value against gold. 

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Gold Loan Value: Aspects Beyond Gold Weight

When determining the value of a gold loan, it’s important to understand that several factors beyond just the weight of the gold come into play. Like:

  1. The purity of gold

    Gold purity significantly influences the value you can borrow against your gold. Here’s a real-time example to illustrate:

    • Gold Item: Necklace
    • Weight: 50 grams
    • Purity Options: 18K and 24K

    18K Gold (75% pure gold)
    – Pure Gold Weight: 50 grams x 0.75 = 37.5 grams
    Market Value: 37.5 grams x ₹5,415 per gram (current price of 18K gold) = ₹203,062.5

    24K Gold (100% pure gold)
    – Pure Gold Weight: 50 grams x 1 = 50 grams
    Market Value: 50 grams x ₹7,213 per gram (current price of 24K gold) = ₹361,650

    1. Higher Loan Value: Higher-purity gold (24K) provides a higher loan amount compared to lower-purity gold (18K).
    2. Better Terms: Due to its higher intrinsic value, lenders might offer better interest rates and terms for higher-purity gold.
    3. Lower Risk for Lenders: Higher purity gold reduces the lender’s risk, potentially allowing for a higher LTV ratio.
    4. Increased Borrowing Power: Borrowers with higher purity gold can leverage more funds, which can be crucial in times of financial need.
  2. Indicators of the gold market

    Gold’s market price fluctuates based on factors such as economic stability and investor behaviour. According to the World Gold Council (WGC) report mentioned in Outlook’s 2024 publication, gold is often seen as a safe-haven asset. When there’s an anticipation of a global economic downturn, investors seek to hedge their portfolios, increasing the demand for gold. In 2024, central bank demand contributed to a 10% boost in gold’s performance, a trend expected to continue as economic uncertainties persist.

  3. Per Gram Rates

    As mentioned above, gold prices fluctuate, so lenders offer gold loan per gram rates according to the current price per gram of gold.  This directly impacts the gold loan-to-value ratio. The LTV ratio is the percentage of the gold’s market value that can be loaned. For instance, if the LTV ratio is 75%, and the market value of the gold is ₹10,00,000, the loan amount would be ₹7,50,000. Higher LTV ratios mean higher loan amounts but also depend on lender policies and the borrower’s creditworthiness. Each lender has specific rules that affect the loan amount, including:

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  5. Lenders Policies:

    When applying for a loan, it’s important to understand the various policies that lenders have in place. These policies can significantly impact the overall cost and manageability of your loan. Key elements such as processing fees, interest rates, loan tenure, and repayment flexibility are crucial factors to consider. Below is an overview of these elements:

    • Processing Fees: Higher fees reduce the net loan amount.
    • Interest Rates: Lower interest rates make the loan more affordable.
    • Loan Tenure: Longer tenures can make repayment easier but may increase the total interest paid.
    • Repayment Flexibility: Some lenders offer flexible repayment options, affecting the overall cost and convenience of the loan.

SahiBandhu’s Gold Loan Calculator: Simplifying the Process

SahiBandhu’s gold loan calculator can help you calculate the loan amount, required gold right, interest rates, etc for your loan against gold. It is a handy tool with AI features.  Here is how you can use it to understand your gold loan factors-

  1. Loan Value Calculator: This tool allows you to adjust the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate to estimate the total loan value. This helps you plan how much you can borrow and manage your finances accordingly.
  2. Gold Weight Calculator: You can input the gold weight, purity, and interest rates to calculate the loan amount, monthly interest rate, and total interest amount. This gives a clear picture of the loan’s financial impact.
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Tips & Strategies for Optimizing Gold Loan Amounts and Terms

To ensure you get the best possible value from your gold loan, it’s essential to consider a few key strategies. Here are some tips to help you maximize your gold loan valuation:

  1. Ensure High Purity: The higher the purity of your gold, the more valuable it is. Aim to use gold with higher purity (22K or 24K) to secure a higher loan amount.
  2. Monitor Market Conditions: Gold prices fluctuate based on market conditions. Keep an eye on the gold market and apply for a loan when prices are high to maximize your loan value.
  3. Choose Favorable Per Gram Rates: Different lenders offer different loan rates per gram of gold. Look around for lenders offering higher gold loan rates per gram to get a higher loan amount against your gold.
  4. Consider Lender Policies: Compare various lenders to find the best terms and conditions. Look for lenders with lower processing fees, competitive interest rates, and flexible repayment options.

Utilize SahiBandhu Gold Loan Benefits

When talking about gold loans, SahiBandhu is always at the top of the list. With our customer-first approach and top-notch tech-enabled platform, SahiBandhu provides several benefits that can help you make the most of your gold loan:

  • Doorstep Services: Enjoy the convenience of SahiBandhu’s doorstep gold loan services, where loan processing and gold appraisal can be done at your home, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • India’s Top Banks: Partnered with some of India’s leading banks like HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Karnataka Bank Ltd., and DCB Bank. SahiBandhu leverages its reliability and extensive network to provide you with trusted gold loan services. 
  • Flexible Loan Amounts: SahiBandhu offers a wide range of loan amounts based on the value of your gold, which can be found through gold loan calculators.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Benefit from lower interest rates by choosing a gold loan from SahiBandhu
  • Quick Disbursement: SahiBandhu ensures fast processing and disbursement of your loan so you get the funds when you need them the most.
  • Flexible Repayment Options: Choose from various repayment plans tailored to your needs, like SahiMax, SahiDelight, and SahiFlexi
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The Bottom Line

Understanding gold loan value involves more than just gold weight. Factors like gold purity, market conditions, loan-to-value ratios, and lender policies significantly influence the amount you can borrow. SahiBandhu simplifies this process with its gold loan calculator and flexible options, including doorstep services. Use SahiBandhu to get the best terms and maximize the value of your gold loan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A gold loan value is the amount of money you can borrow by pledging your gold assets, such as jewelry, coins, or bars, as collateral. Factors like gold purity, market conditions, loan-to-value ratios, and lender policies determine the value.

SahiBandhu offers a gold loan calculator to help you estimate the loan amount based on the gold weight, purity, and interest rates. Additionally, they provide flexible loan amounts, competitive interest rates, quick disbursement, and doorstep services to make the loan process easy and convenient. For more information on SahiBandhu Gold Loan, please contact our representatives at 18003098440 (toll-free).

Yes, SahiBandhu offers options to extend or renew your gold loan based on your repayment needs. For more information on the SahiBandhu Gold Loan, please contact our representatives at 18003098440 (toll-free).

About the Author

Gold Loan Value: Exploring Factors Beyond Gold Weight
Ashutosh Sharma NSH

Ashutosh boasts more than 22 years of experience in business development and sales strategies. With extensive expertise in establishing distribution channels through various strategic means, he is well-versed in the field. During his leisure time, he finds joy in singing and playing the guitar.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is intended to inform and educate readers about gold loan tenures and SahiBandhu Gold Loan services. Please be aware that SahiBandhu's services are subject to specific terms and conditions, which should be reviewed carefully. This blog does not constitute financial advice, and individuals are encouraged to seek professional guidance tailored to their unique needs. For inquiries or more information about SahiBandhu Gold Loans, please contact us at 18003098440 (toll-free).

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