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Media Article 2023-05-25
Back Digital Gold in Emerging Markets: What are the opportunities and challenges for investors?

Digital gold as an investment type has emerged as a result of the digital revolution in the gold market. With digital gold, investors may hold gold without the necessity for a physical safe or bank vault, as the name of the product indicates. One of the main benefits of buying digital gold is that it minimizes worries about purity, storage, and security because these aspects are assured. However, it also comes with potential risks including the possibility of fraud, market risk, expenses, limitations on redemption, and tax repercussions. As a result, how investors can deal with opportunities and challenges when it comes to digital gold in emerging markets, let’s know from our industry experts.

Media Article 2023-04-22
Planning to buy gold this Akshaya Tritiya? This is what you must do

Buying gold is still the most preferred option for people during Akshaya Tritiya. If purity and price are your concerns, you may look to buy it keeping this in their minds. “Gold purchases are an inseparable part of Akshaya Tritiya celebrations for millions of Indians as a sign of prosperity, and it signals the start of seasonal buying. Though a major gold buying festival, this year Akshaya Tritiya faces life-time high prices of gold and a lukewarm response from consumers over the last fe...

Media Article 2023-04-13
Why gold loans witness surge in demand, is it sustainable?

After hitting a low of 50,885 rupees in September 2022, gold prices have hit a fresh record high of 62,475 rupees for 10-gram gold this week. The surge in gold prices augurs well for gold financing financial institutions, as they have seen continuous growth in business momentum.

Media Article 2023-04-10
Explained: Why this might be the best time to take a gold loan?

Gold prices have recently hit record highs in global banking turmoil and that’s bound to affect the gold loan industry. During a financial crisis, gold is regarded as a safe haven investment and is frequently used as collateral for gold loans. With the possibility of obtaining a higher-value gold loan at the same asset level (which gold currently is), there is a considerable potential that the demand for gold loans will rise.

Media Article 2023-04-10
People queue up for gold loans as yellow metal prices touch a new high of Rs 61,000; NBFCs turn cautious

As gold prices touched a new high of Rs 61,000 per 10 gm, people are queuing up for gold loans. But the gold loan NBFCs are taking a cautious approach to minimise the risk of loans being taken into auction to a bare minimum, if there is a sudden decline in gold prices from higher levels.

Media Article 2023-03-23
Gold loan demand growing with youngsters preferring experiences over possessions

Gold prices have seen a jump as investors rushed to safe-haven assets after banking crises in the US and Europe. The recent surge in gold prices along with other factors has led to an increase in the demand for gold loans. As a result, the gold loan industry has seen an uptick in business, recently.


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