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Media Story 2022-12-06
Investment returns hit by inflation? You may include gold in your portfolio

When assessed in relation to the fluctuating inflation rates, gold has performed traditionally well over decades, which adds to its reputation of being an excellent hedge against inflation.

Media Story 2022-11-28
Budget 2023 Expectations: 5 major expectations of the Fintech sector from the Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry met several market shareholders last week for the pre-budget meetings. The ministry also met several fintech industry leaders and other experts to get their views. After the meeting, the fintech leaders expect some major changes to be implemented by the Ministry in the upcoming budget. Zee Business reached out to some of the leading fintech firms including those who were part of the pre-budget meeting to get a sense of expectations of the fintech industry from the upcoming budget.

Media Story 2022-11-15
How Much Gold Can You Keep? Here’s What You Need To Know

A recent report by World Gold Council (WGC) revealed that India bought 191.7 tonnes of gold worth Rs 85,010 crore in Q3 2022 and also defied the international gold investment trend by posting a positive gold investment figure.

Media Story 2022-11-04
Taking A Gold Loan? Here’s What You Need To Keep In Mind

Gold loans are quite popular in India. Recent data shows that such loans have risen dramatically from around Rs 34,000 crore in March 2020 to almost Rs 61,000 crore in March 2021.

Media Story 2022-10-27
Fintech startups employ different approach for credit underwriting

Fintech Companies are continuously transforming traditional methods to manage finances that help individuals budget, spend wisely, save money and invest through well-informed decision-making.

Media Story 2022-10-26
How are Millennials availing benefits of loans on their gold assets?

As a secured loan, the rate of interest on gold loans is not only lower than most of other loans, but a borrower may also save on locker rent, insurance premium etc, when the gold is mortgaged.


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