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Introduction to the “KBL – Swarna Bandhu” Doorstep Gold Loan

KBL swarna Bandhi doorstep gold loan


The Indian financial landscape has witnessed a paradigm shift with the surge in demand for quick and hassle-free gold loan options. Among various credit options, gold loans have gained immense popularity due to their accessibility and quick processing. The recent collaboration between Karnataka Bank and SahiBandhu, the largest gold loan aggregator platform, is set to further revolutionize the gold loan sector. The bank introduced the innovative KBL- Swarna Bandhu doorstep gold loan product for its customers. Let’s delve deeper into this new venture and understand how it simplifies the gold loan process for customers.

What is KBL – Swarna Bandhu Doorstep Gold Loan?

Gold has always been an integral part of Indian households, cherished not only for its cultural significance but also for its value as a financial asset. SahiBandhu gold loan has made gold loans easily accessible through various gold loan products. The popular among them are SahiFlexi (Overdraft on Gold), SahiMax (Monthly Interest), and SahiDelight (Single Repayment). These schemes have been meticulously designed to cater to diverse customer needs, ensuring flexibility, maximum benefits, and a delightful borrowing experience.

The recent collaboration between SahiBandhu and Karnataka Bank is a significant development, reflecting the growing synergy between fintech and traditional banking institutions. The KBL- Swarna Bandhu Doorstep gold loan product seems to be a good initiative that will allow customers to avail loan against gold from the comfort of their homes. With the gold loan sector witnessing increased competition, this doorstep service sets the collaboration apart, emphasizing the customer-centric approach adopted by both entities.

Speaking on this occasion, SriKrishnan H, MD & CEO of Karnataka Bank has expressed that, “Doorstep gold loan lending model is one of the innovative avenues of lending against gold. “KBL-Swarna Bandhu” shall create a dynamic synergy in the entire gold loan portfolio of the bank. As per RBIs digital lending norms, this arrangement will help us in extending gold loans at the doorstep of the customers once again proving our Bank’s orientation towards customer services & by this we aim to achieve customer delight.”

More About KBL – Swarna Bandhu Product

One of the primary concerns for any borrower today is the interest rate, and in the case of gold loans, it is a crucial factor that influences borrowing decisions. Karnataka Bank’s competitive gold loan interest rate have garnered the trust of customers, and with the introduction of the KBL – Swarna Bandhu product, borrowers can now benefit from these competitive rates along with the added convenience of availing gold loans at their doorstep.

For individuals considering applying for a jewel loan through this new product, understanding the process is vital. The KBL – Swarna Bandhu doorstep gold loan product simplifies the application process, making it user-friendly and efficient. Customers can now also use our online gold loan calculator to estimate the loan amount they can avail based on the gold pledged and the prevailing gold loan per gram rate. This transparent and straightforward approach allows borrowers to make informed decisions, ensuring complete clarity throughout the loan process.

On KBL-Swarna Bandhu launch, Rajesh Shet, Co-founder & CEO of SahiBandhu – the largest Gold Loan aggregator platform, has expressed that, “As we continue to expand our footprint in the ever-evolving financial landscape, we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Karnataka Bank (KBL). With KBL’s innovative doorstep gold loan lending model and our unwavering commitment to customer-centricity, we’re forging a path towards excellence in the gold loan industry. Together, we are poised to unlock new opportunities and set new standards in the gold loan industry, offering trusted and efficient services that empower individuals and businesses alike.”

Furthermore, the collaboration between SahiBandhu and Karnataka Bank ensures a seamless transfer of existing gold loans. This feature is particularly beneficial for customers looking to optimize their borrowing costs or seeking better services, enabling a smooth transition of their gold loans from other institutions to Karnataka Bank’s Swarna Bandhu product. Customers from different segment can take advantage of the Karnataka bank gold loan interest rate to fulfill their varied business and personal needs.

The introduction of the KBL – Swarna Bandhu doorstep gold loan product reinforces the commitment of both Karnataka Bank and SahiBandhu to provide the best gold loan at home services to customers. With a focus on customer convenience, competitive gold loan interest rates, and a simplified application process, this collaboration is set to redefine the gold loan landscape, catering to the evolving needs of borrowers in the ever-changing financial ecosystem.

Concluding Thought 

To conclude, the launch of the KBL – Swarna Bandhu doorstep gold loan product by Karnataka Bank in partnership with SahiBandhu is a significant milestone in the gold loan sector. With the emphasis on customer-centricity, competitive interest rates, and simplified processes, this product is poised to set new standards for gold loan services. As the financial sector continues to evolve, such innovative collaborations promise to shape a more accessible and customer-friendly borrowing experience for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Karnataka Bank in partnership with SahiBandhu launched its innovative product ‘KBL- Swarna Bandhu’ aimed at providing doorstep gold loan facility to its customers.

‘KBL- Swarna Bandhu’ was launched on 27th September 2023.

The Karnataka Bank launched ‘KBL- Swarna Bandhu’, its doorstep gold loan facility to expand its gold loan portfolio.

KBL - Swarna Bandhu doorstep gold loan facility is currently available at the selected bank branches. It will be gradually expanded to all the bank branches in the country.

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Introduction to the “KBL – Swarna Bandhu” Doorstep Gold Loan
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