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What happens at a gold loan auction?


Gold loans are a type of loan in which the borrower pledges gold as collateral to secure the loan. This loan is generally used by individuals who need quick cash and have gold assets. Gold loans offer borrowers the opportunity to obtain quick cash while retaining ownership of their gold. These are available from banks and other financial institutions, often at lower interest rates than other types of loans. They are also easy to obtain, and the repayment terms are flexible. Unfortunately, there are situations when one is unable to make loan payments on time owing to unforeseen circumstances. Loans that are not repaid over a prolonged period may have consequences. A lender would then start the gold loan auction process against the defaulter. Nonetheless, the lender often notifies the borrower of the upcoming gold auction before proceeding. The lender levies penal charges and sends multiple reminders. Even then, if the borrower ignores these reminders, an auction notice is sent.

What is a gold loan auction?

A gold loan auction is a process used by lenders to release gold that was previously used as collateral for a loan. This type of auction allows lenders to recoup the money they lent out by selling the gold that was used as collateral. The Association of Gold Loan Companies has established the gold loan auction notice format to give lenders the ability to follow a standardized, controlled, and transparent process to recover gold loan obligations. The lenders can take advantage of these clauses to sell the pledged gold items at a public gold auction or online gold auction if the borrower is labelled a defaulter and the loan is deemed an NPA or a Non-Performing Asset. Borrowers need to understand these processes of a gold loan auction to ensure that their interests are protected:

  1. Choosing an Auctioneer: To manage the gold loan auction processes, an independent auctioneer is chosen. The auctioneer is chosen following the invitation of applications, qualification screening, and verification of candidates. The lender’s board of directors then conducts a review of the application.
  2. Location of Auction: The lender informs bidders in advance of the auction’s location. Often, it happens in the lender branch where the borrower received their loan. You may also perform the gold loan auction online.
  3. Advertising of the Auction: The lender is required to publish the notice of the gold loan auction in both an English-language and a regional publication. The notification must specify the terms and conditions as well as the date, time, and location of the auction.
  4. Regulations for the Auction: The lender must convey the fixed-minimum amount to be recovered, reserve the price for the gold items, and gather KYC paperwork from branch employees and bidders. Before the gold loan auction begins, the lender must present the gold items to the auctioneers and the bidders.
  5. Transfer of the Auctioned Gold: By submitting the remaining bid money through a check, demand draught, or bank transfer, the highest bidder may take receipt of the gold objects within three working days. The bidder must provide the lender with a sale receipt, and the lender must then obtain a buy receipt back.
  6. Adjustment of the loan: The earnings from the sale of the gold are deducted from the borrower’s loan balance. The lender may require the borrower to pay the remaining balance if the auction earnings are less than the whole amount of the existing loan. The remaining balance is returned to the borrower if the selling revenues exceed the amount recovered.



Gold loans, with minimal documentation and fast processing, are undoubtedly an excellent option to fund your financial emergencies. However, in the event of failure to repay the loan amount and interest, you can lose your valuable assets. SahiBandhu offers gold loans at the lowest interest rates and with flexible repayment options, thus simplifying your debt and helping you easily repay the loan.


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