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How SahiBandhu ensures the safety of your gold?

In India, gold has different uses for different people. It’s not only an auspicious metal that is used for making ornaments, but it’s also considered a good investment option and a reserve for a rainy day. Indians regularly opt for gold loans in times of financial emergencies and that’s why the size of the organized gold loan market has increased manifold in recent years. But a majority of borrowers come across one major concern whenever they decide to avail a gold loan – ‘Will my gold be safe with the loan provider?’

The reason for concern

Gold is often kept in Indian households in the form of jewellery. In most cases this jewellery is a traditional heirloom, that has been passed from one generation to another, and has a sentimental value attached to it. That’s why a lot of potential borrowers have concerns about the safety of their prized possessions and are skeptical about handing them over to a gold loan company. That’s why at SahiBandhu, we believe in putting your mind at ease by making your gold’s safety our primary responsibility.

The SahiBandhu process

When you avail a gold loan from us, your gold gets valued in your presence to ensure complete transparency. After valuation your gold is sealed and secured in a tamper proof packet, which is then stored in a safe vault in the strong room of your nearest bank branch. When your loan tenure is completed and you wish to get back your gold, it’s returned back to you in exactly the same state as you submitted in the first place.

Why a gold loan is the way to go

A gold loan is one of the best options to opt for in an urgent credit requirement. Whether you have a familial obligation, an upcoming business opportunity or a medical emergency – a gold loan can serve to be useful for multiple needs.

  • Gold loans are easy to acquire, involve minimal documentation and are pretty convenient to avail
  • Gold loans, depending on the gold loan company or NBFC (Non-bank Financial Company), have a lower interest as compared to personal or business loans
  • Availing a gold loan doesn’t require the submission of an income proof or a strong credit history

When it’s all said and done, going for a gold loan, after carefully considering and evaluating all the pros and cons associated with it, can prove to be very beneficial for your financial prospects. But if there’s one thing that you can be assured of is that when you take a gold loan from SahiBandhu, then your gold will be in good hands!

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