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SahiBandhu Gold Loan Schemes – SahiMax, SahiDelight & SahiFlexi

SahiBandhu Gold loan Schemes

Are you looking for a reliable way to meet your financial needs?

SahiBandhu Gold Loan is your trusted companion in times of all your financial requirements. With SahiBandhu gold loan schemes that offer a quick and hassle-free solution, it will be easy for you to utilize the value of your gold assets to unlock funds when you need them the most.
SahiBandhu offers many gold loan benefits from higher loan amounts to simplified documentation, asset protection, multiple bank choices, and many more valuable advantages. In this blog, we’ll understand the benefits of, SahiBandhu’s flexible repayment options, and the unique advantages that make SahiBandhu a standout choice.

SahiBandhu Gold Loan Schemes for Every Need

We Offer various gold loan schemes with flexible repayment options. Our loan plans cater to different needs, whether it’s for an emergency, business, or education. With multiple bank options available, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Considering our customer needs, we have customized our gold loan repayment scheme. These schemes allow you to choose a repayment schedule that suits your budget and preferences.

Below are SahiBandu’s gold loan products-
1. SahiMax
2. SahiDelight
3. SahiFlexi

1. SahiMax: Unlocking Maximum Benefits Plan

SahiMax gold loan scheme offers a flexible loan repayment option. With this option, you only pay monthly interest, and the principal amount is due at the time of loan closure. It’s like getting a loan and paying interest in monthly EMIs, making it a convenient choice for managing your finances.

For instance: Suppose you borrow Rs. 50,000 through SahiBandhu’s SahiMax scheme. You’ll only need to pay the monthly interest on this amount, making it easier to manage your cash flow. When you’re ready to close the loan, you’ll repay the principal amount and any outstanding interest. It’s like getting a loan and paying interest monthly, ensuring affordability and convenience.

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2. SahiDelight: A Delightful Gold Loan Plan

SahiDelight offers a bullet repayment gold loan plan, which allows you to settle the entire loan amount in a single payment, inclusive of the principal and interest when closing the loan. It’s the perfect option for those who prefer to get the loan now and pay later in one go.

For Instance: Consider a scenario where you need funds for a specific purpose, such as renovating your home or funding your business. SahiDelight’s bullet repayment plan is ideal for such situations. You won’t have to worry about monthly payments. Instead, you can focus on your project, knowing that you’ll repay the entire loan amount, including interest, in one go at loan closure time. It’s like getting the loan now and paying later, giving you the flexibility to manage your finances effectively.

3. SahiFlexi: A Flexible Gold Loan Scheme

SahiFlexi introduces an overdraft facility against your gold items. Here, you can set up an overdraft limit to withdraw funds as per your needs. You pay interest for the duration of the overdraft amount you use, and the final loan amount is settled at the loan closure. It’s a pay-as-you-go approach, allowing you to pay only for what you use.

For Instance: A scenario where you have varying financial needs over time, such as funding business expenses or managing seasonal fluctuations. SahiFlexi’s overdraft facility is designed to meet such dynamic requirements. You have the option of setting up an overdraft limit, let’s say you pledged your gold to secure a loan worth Rs. 20,00,000 using your gold items as collateral. However, you don’t need the entire amount at once and only use Rs. 2,00,000 in the first month. So, you will only have to pay the monthly interest for the used amount (Rs. 2,00,000) until the loan is paid off. This indirectly helps you save on interest rates. When you no longer need more funds, you can pay the used loan amount (Rs. 2,00,000) to close the loan. It’s a pay-as-you-go approach, ensuring that you only pay for what you use, making it a smart and cost-effective choice for managing your financial needs.

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Benefits of Having a Loan Against Gold from SahiBandhu:

Asset Protection: Your gold assets are safe and secure with SahiBandhu, protecting against financial uncertainties.
Higher Loan Amounts: Gold’s inherent value allows you to access higher loan amounts than other collateral forms.
Attractive Interest Rates: Enjoy lower interest rates when you opt for a loan against gold from SahiBandhu.
Multiple Repayment Schemes: As mentioned above, choose from various repayment schemes, including options like SahiMax, SahiDelight, and SahiFlexi, to tailor your loan repayment to your financial preferences.
Simplified Documentation: Say goodbye to extensive paperwork. Gold-backed loans require minimal documentation and zero paperwork, speeding up the loan approval process.

What makes SahiBandhu different: More than its added benefits?

Multiple Bank Choices: As an aggregator, SahiBandhu offers the option to choose from a range of partner banks, ensuring competitive rates and terms for your loan against gold.
Doorstep Services: Enjoy the convenience of doorstep gold loan services, where our experts assist you throughout the loan process.
Foreclosure Scheme: With SahiBandhu, you can foreclose your loan against gold by paying off the entire amount before the scheduled closure, saving on interest and getting your gold back sooner.
Balance Transfer: Transfer your existing gold loan to SahiBandhu for better terms and benefits, making it a seamless transition for your financial needs.
Personal Assistance: Our SBO and CS team helps you throughout the loan process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, SahiBandhu Gold Loan Schemes are an intelligent choice for borrowers seeking financial flexibility and convenience. With tailored schemes for gold loans like SahiMax, SahiDelight, and SahiFlexi, along with benefits like higher loan amounts, simplified documentation, asset protection, multiple bank choices, doorstep services, closure schemes, and balance transfer options, SahiBandhu ensures that your financial journey is smooth and rewarding. Consider SahiBandhu Gold Loan Schemes for your financial needs and unlock a world of possibilities.

If you own gold assets and are considering for a gold loan, It’s important to know the gold loan repayment options available to you, ensuring you can plan your finances accordingly.

Apply for a gold loan 24/7 on, or call at 18003098440

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, SahiBandhu offers various repayment schemes, such as SahiMax, SahiDelight, and SahiFlexi, allowing borrowers to choose the scheme that best suits their financial needs and preferences. For more information or detailed explanations on SahiBandhu Gold Loans and repayment options, contact our representatives at 18003098440 (toll-free).

A bullet repayment gold loan refers to a repayment plan where the borrower pays off the entire loan amount, including principal and interest, in one lump sum payment at the end of the loan tenure.

SahiBandhu's repayment schemes offer flexibility in repayment options, including monthly interest payments with principal repayment at closure, bullet repayment, and an overdraft facility against gold items. For more information on SahiBandhu Gold Loans or repayment options, please contact our representatives at 18003098440 (toll-free).

About the Author

SahiBandhu Gold Loan Schemes – SahiMax, SahiDelight & SahiFlexi

SahiBandhu is India's largest gold loan aggregator platform enabling people to access loans against gold around the country. We provide a one-stop solution for availing gold loans from multiple banks. We prioritize financial literacy, ensuring that borrowers understand the terms and benefits of obtaining a gold loan service.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is intended for general awareness and educational purposes. SahiBandhu Gold Loan services are subject to specific terms and conditions, and readers are advised to review them carefully. The blog does not constitute financial advice, and individuals should seek professional guidance based on their specific requirements. For any inquiries or further clarification regarding SahiBandhu Gold Loans, please contact us at 18003098440 (toll-free).

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