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Benefits of Taking Gold Loan from SahiBandhu
benefits of gold loan from sahibandhu

You have had a house on your wish list for a long time. It is now available, but you need to put a down payment of Rs. 5 Lakhs immediately to block the property. What do you do? You have a FD maturing next year but you don’t want to liquidate it right now. Should you borrow from friends or family? Or wait!!! Can you use the gold jewellery that is idling in your locker? A loan against Gold can be a life saver in these circumstances. Get a Gold loan from SahiBandhu and say goodbye to your fund worries.

How Does a Gold Loan From SahiBandhu work?

Getting an instant Gold Loan from SahiBandhu is as easy as a walk in the park. All you need to do is log on to our website or call up on 1800 309 8440 and share basic details of your requirement. As per your convenience, an authorised SahiBandhu Officer will visit your residence to process your Gold Loan at home.

The gold offered as collateral needs to be in the form of jewellery of at least 18-carat purity. The executive will assess the gold, weigh it and arrive at the loan amount. After verifying and completing the documentation, the gold loan will be disbursed to your account. The jewellery will be placed in a tamper-proof sealed bag and deposited in the vault of the nearest partner Bank Branch.

What Is the Maximum Gold Loan Amount?

SahiBandhu offers Gold Loans up to a maximum of 75% of the gold value. For instance, if the value of your gold jewellery is Rs 10,00,000, you can get a maximum loan of Rs 7,50,000. Pledge the right quantity of gold to base your loan requirement.

Does Gold Loan Processing Require a Lot of Documentation?

The good thing about the Gold Loan process is that it is simple and hassle-free. You will need to submit the following documents –

  • Photograph (Passport size)
  • PAN Card or any other Identification Document
  • Aadhaar Card or any other Address Proof Document
  • Bank Account Details

The executive will verify the documents and complete the processing immediately.

How Do I Repay A Gold Loan?

Gold loans are short-term loans, and SahiBandhu offers three repayment options –

  1. SahiMax – Only pay monthly interest on the loan while the principal can be repaid at the end of the loan tenure in a single payment.
  2. SahiDelight – A unique option available only for gold loans, repay the principal with interest in a single payment at the end of the loan tenure. There is no pressure to make monthly payments and your cash flow will remain unaffected.
  3. SahiFlexi – A gold backed overdraft option where interest will be charged based on the amount used. Interest will not be levied on idle funds which makes it a convenient option for working capital loans or for capricious capital needs.

These three borrower-friendly options make gold loan repayments convenient and flexible. You can pick the one that works for you.

Why Are SahiBandhu Loans a Good Option?

  1. Doorstep Service – You get flawless service right at your doorstep saving you the hassle of moving around with your gold jewellery which may be a risky proposition. An authorised representative with the necessary credentials will process your loan in the comfort of your home.
  2. Instant Disbursement – Once the gold is assessed and the documents are verified, the loan will be credited to your account immediately. In less than an hour, you can get access to a gold loan which is much faster compared to other loans.
  3. Competitive Rates – You can get gold loans for a maximum tenure of 12 months at reasonable rates (starting at 8.5%). Since gold loans are secured loans, they work out cheaper than unsecured loans.
  4. Simple Eligibility Criteria – You should be an Indian citizen or resident between 18 to 70 years of age. You should have gold jewellery with a purity of 18 carats or more that can be pledged as collateral.
  5. No Compulsion to Maintain High Credit Score – The main parameter for a gold loan is the possession of gold. This makes gold loans an attractive option for several borrowers.
  6. Flexible Repayment Options – SahiBandhu gold loans offer you three friendly repayment options that can help you repay the loan comfortably without any pressure on your monthly cash flow.

Wrapping Up

SahiBandhu offers a quick, hassle-free gold loan doorstep service that makes it extremely popular across the customer segment it serves. SahiBandhu has disbursed over Rs. 5000+ crores of loans to 150,000+ customers across 250+ cities. Put your idle gold jewellery to work by applying for a SahiBandhu gold loan today.

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